About Us


Micxo(Multiple Integrated Cosmic Exparia Organization) Infratech Pvt. Ltd. is the company established to offer pre-eminent services in the field of Rural Infrastructure, by attempting to recognize the rural sector needs, hence committed to give a futuristic direction towards development. The main motive of this establishment lies in providing safe drinking water to the rural areas and prevention of diseases caused due to impure water, hereby to eliminate the downfall from the society. For this reason, to purify the contaminated and impure water, company has introduced as system i.e. Chlorine Dosing system.

This New Division came into establishment in the month of November’ 2016

Micxo Infratech Pvt. Ltd. aspires to Manufacture Chlorine Dosing Systems and RO to the Government Sector Entities, Private Sector Entities and also to the Public for the purpose of availing portable water.